Welcome Seniors – Class of 2013

Welcome Jacksonville Senior Class of 2013!!!I With school getting out for summer in just a couple weeks, we are in the process of getting the studio ready for the  class of 2013.  Here is a quick video showing some of the fun we had  last year. Enjoy. Read More »

A Recent Senior Shoot After Dark

Hey everyone, just a sneak peak at a couple images from a nighttime senior shoot on the Jacksonville River Walk downtown. Who says seniors have to be photographed during the day? Its such a wonderful time for Senior portraits, the weather is awesome…  beat the rush before we book up this summer. Stay tuned for ... Read More »

New Videos for the Class of 2013

I did a Video and a while back as part of a training program on high school senior photography titled “Learn Senior Photography”  and just recently  turned it into a slideshow.   We will be  making these new videos available for the Class of 2013. Here’s the video… let me know what you think 🙂 ... Read More »